I had a Reiki session on my chakras. It was early in the morning and I didn’t feel much at all. I went back to sleep when it was finished. When I woke up my back was straighter and I felt better. It’s hard to describe what I felt, but it did work beautifully. Thanks so much.

-balance_in_flow / Twitter


Henal is genuine, trustworthy and gives clarity to all of her services!! It’s easy to feel doubtful with so many things but I’ve NEVER felt that energy with her. NOT ONCE! Her spirit feels familiar… like family or a trusted friend. Str8 up… No cap.

– MZWRIGHT710/ Twitter

Hi Henal,

I’m back to say thank you again for bringing my attention to the energy I didn’t realise I was holding. And I had no idea I was responsible for the constant tension I was physically holding in my body. I had to say thank you again because I can feel the difference physically and emotionally that has happened just from following your suggestions even though I wasn’t quite sure what exactly I was releasing at the time. Once, I got started, my angels filled in the blanks.

Thank you for the work you do. I really appreciate the reading.


Henal’s quality of work speaks for itself. Whenever I get a reading from her I always feel understood, calm and most importantly clearer about whatever I have gone to her about. She’s extremely talented in what she does and has helped me tremendously along my journey

-Jessica, Heretoheal101